Makeup Brushes

Every makeup regimen begins with a great selection of makeup brushes. Whether you need foundation brushes or brushes specifically designed for your cheeks, eyes, brows or lips, you’ll discover a vast assortment of quality makeup brushes to choose from.

Want foundation that looks flawless? A full-bristled powder brush for your face is exactly what you need to achieve a perfect finish. Most makeup brands feature natural bristles to help reduce the chance of fall-out, which means the brush can last longer and perform better in your rotation of makeup tools.

For lipstick or lip gloss that looks pristine, try a retractable lip brush with a smaller, tapered tip. Allowing for even, controlled application, this type of brush pairs well with lip products of practically any consistency. For the most effective method, begin by applying your lipstick or gloss at the outer corners of your mouth, working inward to fill in your lips completely.

Create bold new looks with an eye shadow brush that gives you the ability to apply your eyeshadow with precision—whether you want to place the shadow on your eyelid, crease or brow bone. The bristle hair quality of an eye shadow brush also lets you gain the most out of the color pigmentation of the powder.

Don’t forget to look for a convenient cosmetic bag to store all your essential brushes. With ample room for storage, you’ll be able to take all your makeup tools and accessories with you wherever you go!

When you want a great selection of makeup brushes and bags, shop at Macy’s. Don’t forget to check out the incredible variety of makeup from your favorite brands, too!