Mixers and Accessories

A stand mixer is a useful kitchen appliance that makes tasks such as baking much easier and more fun. Because of hands-free operation, users can whip up recipes quicker than ever and get other ingredients ready to go as the mixer is running. Enjoy freshly baked goods right from the home kitchen with the help of these convenient and helpful products.

Shop the Kitchenaid line for a wide variety of choices suitable for both serious and occasional bakers. These products have several speed settings to blend with precise consistency at the touch of a button. The beater attachment that comes standard on most models ensures hassle-free, efficient mixing. The result is light and fluffy, since the beater adds air to the mixture as it rotates. Interested in branching out beyond baked items? Extra tools like an ice cream maker snap directly onto the mixer and instantly broaden its capabilities without the need for a separate appliance. The Cuisinart brand has many handy attachments to choose from.

Besides the notable advantage of hands-free usage, the stand mixer has other benefits that have made it a kitchen staple for decades. Look forward to smooth, even mixing without the need for mixing by hand. The mixer's sturdy make sure that spills will be avoided. An additional pouring shield gives an extra degree of security even when working with substances that are particularly heavy or watery. Concoct a delicious Italian pasta dish with the help of a pasta roller attachment. With these tools and other items, it's easy to make stand mixers a constant part of any culinary creation.

Shop at Macy's to find a stand mixer that simplifies kitchen duties and sees even the toughest mixing jobs through to completion. Enjoy selections from established brands that can be counted on for years of usage and enjoy how easy it is to make delectable food with the proper tools.


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