Macys Star Signature Diamond

Macy’s Star Signature Diamonds™ over everything…layer your diamonds. Created for Macy’s and with the IIDGR—you won’t want to miss these! Head to Macy’s today for our Star Signature Diamond™ collection of stunning necklaces, earrings and rings.

What is Macy’s Star Signature Diamond™? This special diamond was created for Macy’s and developed in partnership with the IIDGR (The International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research), part of the De Beers Group Companies. Macy’s Star Signature Diamond™ is of exceptional fire and brilliance.

These diamonds def make the cut—a combination of Macy’s eye for fashion flair and the IIDGR’s critical diamond assessment of the 4C’s of color, cut, carat weight and clarity help to ensure every jewelry piece will sparkle with timeless beauty.

What Jewelry Types Can Be Found with Macy’s Star Signature Diamond™?

• Macy’s Star Signature Diamond™ Earrings. Total studs. Created for Macy’s, Star Signature Diamond™ stud earrings can be found in carat weights ranging from 1/2 ct. t.w. to 3 ct. t.w. and in stunning metals such as white gold or yellow gold.

• Macy’s Star Signature Diamond™ Necklaces. Neck candy never looked so good (not the edible kind). Celebrate a special moment or grab the perfect gift with a created for Macy’s Star Signature Diamond™ pendant necklace featuring round diamonds, hearts, crosses or princess cut diamonds.

• Macy’s Star Signature Diamond™ Rings. Let your hands do the talking—you won’t need an excuse to show off your ring bling. We carry so many beautiful Macy’s Star Signature Diamond™ rings, so #Treatyourself (ring selfie obviously necessary) or splurge and treat your long-time honey to a sparkling beauty they will wear forever…because diamonds are forever, duh.

• Macy’s Star Signature Diamond™ Engagement Rings. Solitaires and halos and princess cuts, oh my! Although, nothing to be scared of here. These engagement ring beauties are just what your future forever person needs.

• Macy’s Star Signature Diamond™ Wedding and Anniversary Bands. That moment when you slide the wedding band onto her finger after your vows…priceless. Whether you need a wedding band or you’re adding a third band to the party with an anniversary band, a Macy’s Star Signature Diamonds™ should be your go-to.

• Macy’s Star Signature Diamond™ Bridal Set. You know that moment we described earlier? Sliding the wedding band (or engagement) ring onto her finger? That moment is without a doubt priceless…yet diamonds are not. However, you can save a bit by going with a bridal set that includes the engagement ring and wedding band.

Shine bright like a (Macy’s Star Signature) diamond. Stop by today for our created for Macy’s Star Signature Diamonds™!

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  • Created for Macys, Macy's Star Signature Diamond, a diamond of exceptional file and brilliance in partnership with IIDGER, part of the Dee Beers Group Companies