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Delicate Jewelry

Trending: now: delicate jewelry. We love a good statement necklace, but for now keep them in your jewelry box. Dainty and delicate stackable rings, simple (but beautiful) bangle bracelets, layered chains, studs, ear cuffs and ear crawlers are so in right now! Shop Macy’s for delicate jewelry from amazing brands such as Alex Woo, Michael Kors, Le Vian, Wrapped and Giani Bernini (Created for Macy’s). Maximize your look in minimalist fashion—keep reading to learn how to style delicate jewelry!

What is Dainty, Delicate Jewelry? Including delicate bracelets, minimal necklaces, and stacks of extremely thin rings, delicate jewelry provides a subtle note of shine with a whisper of a style statement. It’s surprising how much barely-there jewelry can elevate a simple outfit.

How to Style Delicate Jewelry:

• Clean Lines and Geometric Shapes. Delicate jewelry is all about simple designs—stick to clean lines, flat designs, geometric shapes and understated details. Oversized hoop earrings can be considered minimalist if they are created with a delicate design.

Shopping Tip: We’re all ears. We love dainty diamond stud earrings, ear crawlers and ear cuffs for a striking finishing touch.

• Layer, Layer, Layer. Too many layers? We can’t relate. Even though delicate necklaces aren’t traditionally considered “statement” pieces, you can definitely make a statement with them by layering more than one. Two may be company, but three’s a party!

Rule of Thumb: Keep the layers light and simple. Pair a basic T-shirt with a delicate long necklace, a choker and a third necklace that falls in the middle of both.

• Mix Your Metals. All-gold tones or all-silver tones is totally last season. The best way to wear delicate jewelry is to mix metal colors to create your own unique stack, especially with rings. The most popular metal color combinations for a killer ring stack are gunmetal and yellow gold-tone, rose gold-tone and silver-tone, and gold-tone and oxidized silver-tone.

Style Tip: Mix ring metals and colors by stacking them from dark to light to create a super-cool ombre effect.

• Use Negative Space. Create a clean look by perfectly balancing the size of your bling with empty space in the design—it’s all about appreciating “what isn’t there” over “what is there”. This is best reflected in geometric designs.

Shopping Tip: Go with geometric jewelry like open-circle rings and bracelets.

• Quality over Quantity. It’s best to invest in timeless pieces, such as fine jewelry like diamond stud earrings or dainty chains, that are versatile and pair well with your other jewelry (and with most of your outfits). Less is definitely more when it comes to quality delicate jewelry pieces.

Shopping Tip: If you’re going to invest in quality jewelry, buy pieces that have meaning rather than anything that catches your eye.

Minimalism, mastered. Shop Macy’s today for an awesome collection of delicate jewelry!