Home Gym Equipment

Need instant #fitspo?  Cancel your fancy gym membership and create a home gym. Macy’s has the best home gym equipment to get you in gear. Shop the latest models from Sunny Health & Fitness and find everything you need to get your lift, run, spin and row on at home!

What do you need for your home gym?

1. Treadmills. Is cold weather interfering with your run? Take your workout inside with a treadmill. If you’re working with a smaller space, we recommend a model that folds up. Remember to replace your running shoes every six months, if you’re running 3 miles about 5 times a week.

2. Ellipticals. If treadmills are too hardcore, glide into shape with an elliptical. They offer a low-impact workout that works both your upper and lower body.

3. Exercise Bikes. Want to workout and sit down? An exercise bike will be your new bestie. For a total body workout, check out models that work your arms as well.

4. Steppers. Is it time to step up your workout routine? Get started with a stepper. They feature a compact design, and work your glutes and thighs.

5. Rowing Machines. Are you looking for a lower-impact cardio workout? We recommend a rowing machine. They work out your upper and lower body for a complete workout.

What gear do you need to workout?

1. Workout Clothing
2. Running Sneakers
3. Headphones
4. Water Bottle

Is your gym stressing you out? Don’t sweat it; Macy’s carries home gym equipment.

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