Bathroom Accessories

Create a wonderful space with bathroom accessories. The bathroom or powder room is a great opportunity to experiment with your home decor style. It can be an extension of your favorite theme or an area where you try something different in terms of design. Whatever your tastes, we’ve got plenty of bathroom furniture, sets, hampers, scales, vanity mirrors and more to make it feel functional and fresh.

Shower time! Typically, your shower area should keep your bathing necessities within easy reach. Think soap, shampoo, conditioner, a loofah, face towel, razor, etc. This is where a shower caddy will come in handy to hold all your essentials. You can go with a tiered version to hang over your showerhead or go with an easy-to-install option featuring a tension rod or suction cups. Prefer to take baths? A bath caddy, essentially a TV tray for the bathtub, can hold that book you’ve been meaning to read, snacks, sparkling water—you name it! Sit back and relax without fear of your bath time buddies getting too wet. Take your pick of stainless steel, teakwood and other durable materials. Help prevent a slippery tube with a tub mat that adheres to the tub’s floor.

The bathroom should be as tranquil as it is functional. Look for bathroom furniture that serves a purpose. Go with shelves if space permits or use chairs and benches in the same way. Towels, candles and other decorative items will be right at home. Toss your clothes inside the hamper (and not the floor) before you get inside the shower. Keep your space clean with trashcans to match your decor style. From simple patterns and solid colors to graphic designs and motifs, there’s something for everyone. Love coordinating sets? Go with a bathroom set featuring matching trashcan, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, lotion dispenser, containers and more. 

We’ve got it all. Shop bathroom accessories and more home decor at Macy’s.

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