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Chefs Knife

Chop through even the toughest foods with a chef's knife. Kitchen cutlery is an essential part of any chef's cooking utensils. Cutlery is available as individual pieces or in sets, and some cutlery also includes wooden knife blocks to display knives in. Find cooking cutlery from Guy Fieri, J.A. Henckels, Chef's Choice and more.

The right knife can dice vegetables, slice cheese or cut up strips of meat. Different knife styles suit different tasks, but a chef's knife is designed to handle all kinds of slicing and dicing. With a blade broad enough to press on top of and long enough to cut through large items such as heads of cabbage, this knife is an extremely versatile tool for any cook.

Planning to cook up a storm? Keep hands comfortable while cutting with an ergonomic handle knife. Ergonomic knives feature gently curved, molded handles designed to reduce strain on the hands during use. The rounded shapes of ergonomic knife handles make them an attractive item to display in their knife blocks on the counter top, and blades are available in a variety of colors such as black and red.

Keep every knife for the job close at hand with a knife collection. Cutlery collections can feature many different blade shapes, sizes and styles, including santoku knives, paring knives, serrated utility knives and more. Choose collections with only a few knives for specific tasks, or outfit the whole kitchen with a large collection of different blades.

Keep knives in perfect working order with a knife sharpener. Electric sharpeners feature solid diamond discs that can restore knives to factory sharpness in three stages. Knives come into contact with the discs by running the blades through slots slanted at a precise angle for optimum sharpening. Both smooth and serrated knives are compatible with electric sharpeners.

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